What Relocation Service Is Right For You In Sydney?

Whether you are moving your family to a new home or your business to a new location, relocation services have never been more affordable and convenient. Moving heavy items and arranging transportation yourself can be stressful and cause unnecessary strain on you and your family. For this reason, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide of relocation services that are cost effective and suitable to a wide range of individual and business needs to help you decide on which service is right for you.


The most common way to relocate your home or business is to hire a fully insured removalist company that will provide you with flat rate services. The reason that you should insist on a flat rate payment is that you avoid being ripped off by unethical businesses that charge unfair hourly rates and often take their time with your move.
A removalist will take care of every step of your relocation, from packing, transportation and unpacking and as well storage if you have excess belongings that will not fit into your new home or business location.

By hiring a professional removalist who is insured, you take the stress right out of moving and avoid putting you or your friends through physical strain when moving bulky and awkward furniture. Removalists are also trained in moving specialty items such as pianos, antiques and even wine collections, by using proper wrapping, packing and climate controlled transport.

Removalists are perfect for large households who need the trusted assistance of professionals who will ensure that all furniture and contents of your home are carefully transported with no damages. As well, many Australian businesses rely on removalists for office and retail relocations, relying on prompt workmanship and a stress free move.

Mobile Container Storage

Another way to relocate your home and business, is mobile container storage. This is when a relocation company drops off a transport container, to your desired location and then pick it up when it’s packed and ready. This gives both families and businesses more time to pack their belongings in the way in which they want them arranged.

Many households and businesses will pack any excess items that they wish to be stored after the move towards the back of the container, allowing for the items they need to be easily accessible. Once you have packed all of your smaller items into the container, removalists can pack large and delicate items such as furniture and mattresses so you don’t injure yourself.

Mobile container storage is perfect for large homes and businesses that need more than a few hours to pack up their belongings. If you have large amounts of inventory or household items that you would rather carefully pack yourself and at your own pace, mobile container storage is a cost effective solution that’s perfect for you.

As well, larger items that need relocation such as cars, boats, motorcycles and piano’s all fit perfectly in shipping containers which can then be transported anywhere around the world. By using shipping containers for mobile storage, you are using a logistically universal unit that can be easily transported across the country by road or rail or shipped internationally.

Whether you decide for a traditional removal service or a cost effective container transportation service, you can rest assured that the fully qualified and insured team at Palmers Relocations will provide you with prompt and reliable services that have given us the great reputation we have today. For fixed rate relocation services that are available from Sydney to around the world, give us a call today on 1300 363 916 for a friendly chat and a free quote.