Removals to the USA

Are you thinking of moving to the USA from Australia? Palmers International Relocations offers a complete service for every step of your USA removals journey. Whether you are looking for a shared shipping container or full load removal to the United States, we have an option to suit every budget, with a number of years of experience to guide you through every step of the way.

What Services Do I Need to Move to the USA?

When relocating to the US, it is important to use a trusted international relocation service that offers all of the services you need for a hassle-free move.

Here at Palmers Relocations, we have a number of years experience of moves to the US and offer assistance at every step of the journey. We offer both full and part load removals internationally as well as pet and vehicle removals to the USA so you can rest assured your belongings are in safe hands.

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Part Load Or Full Load Removals?

At Palmers, we can relocate any size shipment from a single box of clothing up to a 40ft container of household goods and cars. 

We provide a full up-front cost for your relocation to the US and will guide you through each stage. This will cover all costs associated with the move both in the USA & Australia allowing you to budget for your move in confidence.

Full Container Load (FCL)

If you know you will be relocating to the USA with a two-bedroom or larger shipment or transporting your car or furniture to the US, this international shipping solution will suit you. As a general rule of thumb, once a shipment is the equivalent of more than half a container (15 cubic metres), it is best to relocate via an FCL rather than a shared container.

Whilst this might sound strange, the money you do save through combining shipping costs is actually outweighed by United States customs, haulage and clearance fees. The best way to find the most cost-effective solution for your move is to arrange for a Palmers Relocations consultant to provide you with an obligation-free in-home move survey.

Groupage (Shared Consignments)

Shared Consignments refer to a shipment of multiple consignments within the one shipping container bound for the USA. Our combined shipments (groupage) arrive in the USA regularly to be cleared by customs and delivered to your home or chosen address shortly afterwards.

Moving your Boat to the USA

Moving a boat to the US is surprisingly similar to moving a car to the US. However, there are a few different things to consider. Upon arrival, boats will be thoroughly checked for any marine species that may need be quarantined in order to prevent their introduction into American waters. That’s why it is best to thoroughly clean your boat before relocating to the US. You will also need to be present in the US before your boat arrives in the country.

Moving your Pet to the USA

Your pet is an extremely important part of your family and we know how important it is your pets travel safely to your new home. When moving with your pet to the USA, we offer a range of personalised solutions whether you are moving your dog, cat or any other animal. All we need is the weight, breed, pick up and destination location you are moving your pet to and we can organise the rest.

Download Your Customs Guide to the USA

Palmers Relocations Services to the United States

Our international relocation services to the United States include:

– Door-to-door service
– Shared container options
– Direct shipments
– Sea and Air Freight
– Car transportation
– Fixed price quotations

Get your free quote today and get a full international removal to the US.