Well known for its different and marvellous scenes, New Zealand’s natural excellence offers an exceptional environment in which to appreciate an energising and wide-ranging lifestyle and raising a family in a protected and modern nation.

New Zealand, known as ‘Aotearoa’ in the certified Maori dialectal has picked up a reputation for being an appealing terminus for some people all over the World. Renowned for its casual, accommodating way of life and furthermore for its safe surroundings, New-Zealand is an incredible spot for raising a family if you want to move from Australia to New-Zealand. Moving from Australia to New-Zealand will have an incredible number of advantages with trans-Tasman understandings hoping to broaden a significant number of the advantages accorded to New Zealand residents to Australians too.

If you are moving from Australia to New-Zealand, this page will enable you to comprehend what’s important to know about life in New Zealand.

7 Important Facts You Should Know Before Moving from Australia to New-Zealand

There are certain things that you should know before moving from Australia to New Zealand. For those who are planning to make the move, we’ve assembled some information that you should know before moving from Australia to New-Zealand. This information will help you a lot in your move. How about we get into it!

1: Money & Banking

New Zealand and Australia are fundamentally the same as far as their financial framework and procedures are concerned. Actually, some typical Australian banks are situated in New Zealand also. The exchange scale is generally steady. You can look at OFX for a dependably cutting-edge exchange scale. If you have to exchange cash from Australia to New Zealand, at Palmers Relocations, we can help you through our partner Sendfx who offer many benefits and cost savings. You will probably utilise your Australian credit card at both shops and ATM’s in New Zealand. Banks are commonly open from Monday to Friday amid ordinary business hours (9 am to 5 pm). A few banks are open on the weekends (especially those in urban shopping centres).

2: Visas for Australians Moving to New Zealand

It is interesting to know that since the 1920s, the administrations of Australia and New Zealand have had plans to guarantee a free progression of individuals from country to country. This implies that Australians moving to New Zealand don’t have to apply for visas when visiting, working, or living in the country. The procedure is diverse for those holding a transitory Australian visa, with the system being like that of Australia. People who offer a talented job by New Zealand businessmen might be qualified for sponsorship.

3: Taxes

Australians moving to New Zealand will be liable for making good on pay government taxes if you are working in New Zealand. It is important to know that if you are working in New-Zealand organisation, your pay tax will be managed through Pay as You Earn (PAYE). It means that it will be consequently deducted from your compensation. You should decide if you will be an Australian occupant for expense purposes. Regardless, in the event that you have Australian sourced pay (e.g. business salary, or rental pay), you will, in any case, need to document a government tax return in Australia. You should be aware of the tax system if you are planning to move from Australia to New-Zealand.

4: Accommodation

As an Australian native who is likewise an occupant of NZ, you are under similar limitations with regards to purchasing and leasing properties as local New Zealanders. The equivalent doesn’t have any significant bearing for Australian natives who aren’t dwelling in the country. These people would be named as “abroad individuals”, which implies that they should get assent from Overseas Investment Regulations (OIR) before acquiring considerable control of assets in NZ. New Zealand is a brilliant spot to live in.

5: Healthcare in New Zealand

Natives and permanent inhabitants of Australia can get to the full scope of freely financed health and wellbeing services if you are lingering in NZ for a very long time. You should live there for no less than two years to be capable. Australians who don’t mean to stay for a long time can get to some medical help as well. This covers medical clinic care, pharmaceuticals, and maternity. Ensure you have your international ID and Medicare card close by to demonstrate that you’re capable. New-Zealand has an exceedingly created incredible general healthcare framework. Consequently, many people depend on the state framework to fulfil their healthcare needs. Likewise financed from charges a visit to a clinic will be “free”. The accessibility of clinics to the overall public in all the areas is commonly awesome.

6: Studying in New Zealand as an Australian

In the event that you have children who are of tutoring age, the Australian Residence Visa implies that Australian Citizens are treated as local understudies in New Zealand. They are just liable to pay local expenses. Australian natives and residents both are dealt with like residential understudies in New Zealand. It is a very interesting thing to know that you don’t have to apply for an understudy visa and can pay a local fee for training or schooling. But keep in mind that you have to live in New Zealand for somewhere around three years before applying for Student Allowance or an understudy loan. There are numerous alternatives for offspring of pre-school age, and the country has an incredible government-subsidized schooling framework that is free till the age of 19.

7: Shopping, Estimations, and Language

It is interesting to tell that Australians moving to New Zealand will find that the two nations are fundamentally the same as regarding social practices around shopping because similar loads and measures are utilized (The decimal standard for measuring – meters, kilograms), making all the things straightforward.


Moving from Australia to New-Zealand would be the best idea. The best thing about New Zealand is that magnificence is all over the place, however, that it’s likewise very fluctuated. You will have stunning mountain ranges, fantastic icy masses, and excellent shorelines. The above-mentioned points will help those who are planning to move from Australia to New-Zealand.