Moving house is daunting, but moving overseas could scare even the most seasoned traveler. Packing up your home is a stressful business especially if you are uncertain on how to protect your goods, or even trying to decide on out what to take.

Avoid that stress with the help of a trusted family run, experienced business such as Palmers Relocations. With over 35 years in the business, we have plenty of experience in moving peoples lives to the other side of the world. We also adhere to the highest international standards.

Wanting to start straight away? Before you have your VISAs confirmed, Palmers recommends you call our – no obligation, removal quote service. We will assist you with an idea of costings and logistics, and send out an experienced estimator who will give you the best advice when it comes to sending your goods abroad. Once the quote is agreed upon, you will be assigned your own moving coordinator to keep you updated with everything that is happening.

If you’re sending all or part of your household goods, this is classified as a removal which means all of your belongings, including a car, will be sent conveniently via one container to your destination.

If your planned move is to Australia there is a wide range of goods that you can not take into the country. Here at Palmers, we will advise you on this, but initial information can be found here. You will also need documentation for your move, which we can also help with.

Now you do have the option of packing your own goods, or having our experts help. If you would prefer to pack yourself, Palmers will supply you with all the boxes and packaging you need to protect your belongings on this long journey.

Alternatively, if you would rather have us pack your belongings, we will arrange a suitable ‘moving day’ with you. Once completed, you will receive a list of what we have taken, and the container will either return to the depot, or onto the demarcation port. This will be the last time you see your belongings until they arrive at your new home.

Please keep in mind that the transit time for UK to Australia is between 6-8 weeks for full containers and 8-12 for part load shipments. Palmers will ensure you have all the correct customs documentation meeting Australian requirements.

Shortly after you arrive at your new home, Palmers Relocations will call you to discuss and arrange a suitable time for the delivery of your goods to the location of your choice.