Sometimes you do not have enough personal effects to ship a full container or even a shared one. This is particularly true if you only want to send a few boxes, and/or small items from Australia.

As you are going to your new home by plane, you might think reaching out to your airlines is an easy solution. It is so handy to just ask your air-carrier to add some extra kilos. Sounds great, right? Until they tell you how much the fees are. Then, you have a heart attack and run away as quickly as you can (TL;DR: it is insanely expensive).

What if we tell you that we have the cheapest way to send your excess baggage overseas from Australia? Bear with us, we have the answer in this blog post!

Man at airline front desk with excess baggage

What is Excess Baggage?

First thing first, do you know what Excess Baggage means? According to the Cambridge Dictionary, it is “bags that weigh more than the allowed amount for a single passenger or the money you are charged to take them onto an aircraft”.

Excess baggage definition Cambridge dictionary

In other words, each time you travel with an airline they give you a limit of weight and size for your baggage which is also named “baggage allowance”. The baggage allowance varies depending on the carrier you choose and on your ticket class (generally you have more allowance in First Class than in Economy Class Airfare). Most of the time, to not say every time, adding extra weight is extremely expensive (see below).

What Options do I have if I Want to Send my Excess Baggage Overseas from Australia?

If you would like to ship more baggage or personal effects than your ticket allows you., you generally have two options:

  • Airline excess baggage services
  • Shipping excess baggage specialists, like Palmers Relocations

Let’s dive into more details in both services.

Airline Company Excess Baggage Services

Large bagage does't fit excess baggage

To be fair and honest with you, we could not find any benefits of purchasing additional allowance with your carrier. You may wonder why?

First, you have to carry to the airport ALL your boxes, then get them registered at the airline desk. Sure you already know how stressful it is to take the plane. So, if on top of that you have to bring – let’s say six boxes of 20 kg each – we let you imagine the nightmare. Then, once landed at your destination, you will have to do the same thing in the reverse way; from the airport to your new home. Not ideal right?

Secondly, you are alone. No one will help you with the customs and all the paperwork. At your destination, you might end up paying taxes because the customs requirements are not met.

Finally, it is very, very expensive. Australianfrequentflyer.com.au has brokedown the price for 3 major airlines in Australia and it is scary. According to the article, “Jetstar and Tigerair charge a fixed fee for extra baggage weighing up to 15kg. They then charge by the kilogram for any excess weight above 15kg.” The price of those 2 airlines can be up to $25/kg.

Again, according to AustralianFrequentlyFlyer.com.au, if we look closely at Qantas, the Excess baggage fee, for an international flight can be between $20-80/kg.

airlines charge for excess baggage by the kilogram

Table source: Australianfrequentflyer.com.au

Palmers Excess Baggage Shipping Services

women measuring her baggage with her phone and a tape measure

When it comes to shipping your Excess Baggage overseas from Australia engaging a specialist Excess Baggage shipping company such as Palmers Relocations. With our Excess Baggage & Luggage Services and our 40 years of experience in the removals industry, you know you are in good hands. So what are the differences? It is easy, we take care of everything. Yes, everything.

The first step is to choose your bag shipping options. It is based on how many personal effects you would like to send. With our excess baggage/ luggage services, you can send from 3 to 8 cartons to the UK, Ireland and New Zealand from Australia.

As for the packing of your items, you can choose to use your own boxes, or Palmers can provide cardboard boxes. Unlike airlines, we do not charge per extra kilogram and our service is more fixable on the dimensions. Indeed, you can ship boxes and bags of all sizes up to 60cm tall, 50cm wide or 40cm deep and up to 25kg per item. Do you have unconventionally shaped personal effects? No problem at all. You can send any item up to 0.12cbm per item at the same price.

Once you have prepared your cartons and they are ready to be shipped, our team will collect them at your address in Australia. You can also drop your boxes and items in our Sydney or Melbourne offices if it is more convenient for you.

Now that your personal effects are in good hands, you can rest knowing that we will take care of the rest. All the paperwork, customs, and delivery of your goods, are included. No surprises.

What about the delivery? It is simple, your boxes will be delivered at the door of your new destination (in the UK and Ireland, all areas are covered. For New Zealand: within 50km of Auckland, Christchurch & Wellington). We make sure they arrive quickly and securely. It is what we call a door-to-door service; We pick up and deliver from A to B without additional costs.

How much does it cost to ship luggage from Australia? Palmers Relocations offer a competitive price based on boxes quantity rather than the number of extra kilos you add. Let’s assume that you wish to send 5 boxes of 25kg each from Australia to the UK. Below an example of how much it will cost you to send you personal effects with Palmers Relocations, Qantas and the Australian post*


Shipping 5 cartons of 25kg each from Sydney to London
Providers Fee Total
Palmers Relocations $AU 520 for 5 boxes of 25kg $AU 520
Qantas $AU 60/Kg $AU 7500
Australian Post $AU 207 for a box of 20kg $AU 1035

Sources: Qantas Excess Baggages, Australian Post Calculator, Palmers Website
Comparisons made on 06/2020. Rates are subject to vary.

Yes, Palmers Relocations services you will save $6,980 on your excess baggage shipping service.

Just a reminder, you cannot send some items because they are prohibited, either by the air freight provider or your destination country. For more details, check our article Dangerous Goods That Can’t be Moved.

If you got excess baggage or personal effects that you would like to send internationally from Australia, consider Palmers Relocations. We can help you with saving money. Contact our team on 1300 363 916 or get a quote today.